Well, okay… we went to the zoo on Thursday together. Reeve slept in the latest he’s EVER slept in until 8 am and I knew that for once I would be able to make the 30-minute drive to the zoo and he would be able to stay awake the whole time.

I quickly threw him in the car and headed downtown.

Immediately upon walking in, we bypassed some of the more popular attractions (lions) and tried to get a head start on the groups gathered there.

We came upon the zebras (see-buh) and saw this….20130906-124002.jpg

Yep, I quickly ushered us on to the Tigers.

Once inside the indoor area, Reeve quickly spotted his striped pals…20130906-124012.jpg

and then just as quickly lost all interest in them and found it more fun to run up and down the ramps as fast as he could or to hang on the bars…

we seriously did this for 30 minutes…..20130906-124024.jpg

Then we found the Polar Bears (Hannah bears) and watched them for awhile. He was so fascinated with them20130906-124038.jpg


Probably b/c this one kept diving in the water, flopping on it’s back and swimming the same little route over and over. Reeve just kept going “ooooooh” and “awwwww” and then banging on the glass20130906-124056.jpg

As I expected, he also loved the indoor fish/frog/lizard/snake, etc area.

We didn’t really like this GIANT bunny floating in the anacondas tank just waiting to be gobbled up. He kept saying, “Bunny?” and holding his hands up to ask why?20130906-124103.jpg

While studying the Komodo Dragon for FORTY minutes, we made friends with 3-year-old Sawyer. They practiced sticking their tongues in and out like he was the whole time.20130906-124113.jpg

Then, more mating at the turtle tank….20130906-124122.jpg

We chased about 12 peacocks around. This is the only one who must’ve felt threatened enough to show his feathers. Reeve liked to run after them bobbing his head up and down like they were doing.20130906-124128.jpg

This is Jim.

Jim has been at the Denver Zoo since I moved here 8 years ago.

I kept telling Reeve the Gorilla’s name was Jim and he would look around and say, “Linny?”

This gorilla sat right up against the glass the whole time and let kid after kid take pictures with it. I tried to get Reeve to sit by it and he kept saying, “down” “off” “don’t” “no” and fighting me.20130906-124139.jpg

20130906-124144.jpgOther highlights of our zoo trip included riding the train. Reeve is now terrified of riding them after we rode the Steam Engine at TIny Town and was freaking out until we took off. We saw flamingoes doing Tree Pose and waved at all the people.

We ate fruit and walked almost 3 whole miles (he actually walked almost half of it himself).

We waved at penguins and small monkeys and let the Howler Monkeys yell at us. They did NOT like me…those things scream so loud I though. I swear they were mad at me and each time they looked at me and howled I almost wet myself.

The seal show was pretty cool. Nick the Seal swam fast and Reeve thought that was fun!

Lastly, timing the day just right so that you would nap the whole drive home and then some so I could take my time driving through pretty neighborhoods looking at the Fall-inspired porches starting to take place.

Let’s do that again, Buddy….sleep in late, that is….next time let’s go somewhere INDOORS b/c it was HOT!


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