Taking Reeve on a hike is a bit of a challenge.

The first time we went he was so happy to walk and run and explore.

The second time he figured out how to throw his body down on the trail.

The third time we made it 20 yards in 24 minutes. First, he kept kicking at the dirt and falling down on purpose. Then, he did that annoying toddler thing where he holds my hand and we walk, but then he lets me drag him. Then, he pooped and daddy had to run back to the car and we changed him on a picnic table back in the parking lot. Then, we made it back to the 20 yards in and he started picking up rocks. Finally, I picked him up and carried him for a mile stopping every 75 feet or so to let him down to explore.

I just don’t like hiking with him in a back pack. I want him to get down. Get dirty. Explore. Play with rocks. Roll in the dirt.

It’s time consuming, but we know going into it that we aren’t going on a hike to burn calories or anything. It’s more of an opportunity to let him out where there are no rules and he can just run…


The pictures that follow do absolutely NO justice to the amount of dirt this boy ate, rubbed on himself, had on his clothes, in his ears and rolled around it.

If you saw the Facebook video I posted, he even was doing the equivalent of Snow Angels in the red, dusty dirt. My dad appropriately called them Dirt Devils….

I think in all, we hiked 2.75 miles and carried him for 2 of it and drug him .5 and he walked/fell in the dirt the other .25.

Either way, every time we hike, he says, “HIKE” all day long and tells us how he wants to do it again…

and we will….

IMG_4466 IMG_4457 IMG_4456 IMG_4451 IMG_4450 IMG_4449 IMG_4448 IMG_4444 IMG_4443 IMG_4442


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