Well, not technically school….but his first day of Childcare other than a babysitter.

I joined a mom’s group at a nearby church and we meet every other Wednesday for 3 hours. I was terrified to drop him off, but we made a BIG deal out of how special it was and we packed him a back pack (which now goes EVERYWHERE with us) and we even went and had a special breakfast at Einstein Bagels. I let him get those sugary, cinnamon bagel bites and he wanted nothing to do with them.

In fact, he just wanted Batman (bat-tan) to eat them20130904-130101.jpg


He spent the whole time we were there looking in his pack pack. He would take each toy out one-by-one and then keep looking into it as deep as he could in case there were more in there.20130904-130106.jpg


Trying, AGAIN, to get Batman to eat the bagel bite.20130904-130135.jpg

Looking in his pack pack one more time….for the 100th time20130904-130148.jpg

and then we went to “school.” I immediately had a better feeling about this setup than the few times I left him at Church Daycare or at the Rec Center Daycare. Maybe it’s because he was older and was able to look around at all the toys and get excited, or maybe it was b/c he was able to see things that interested him, whatever it was…I relaxed a little.

I talked to the moms in charge and also felt like they could handle this (meaning his screaming his lungs off) better than the teenagers at the Rec Center or the women at Church.

One of the 2 asked me how long I was comfortable letting him cry if that was the case.

Um….3 hours?

I felt bad saying it, but I really needed this time with other moms and was really looking forward to being a part of something.

I snuck out and listened from around the corner as Reeve started bawling and screaming for “mamaaaaa!”

The mom said over and over, “Mommy is in a meeting, she loves you and will be back for you in awhile.”

I don’t know if that was planned or that’s standard operating procedure, but it worked.

I went to my meeting and wasn’t able to relax until about 20 minutes in when the mom sitting next to me said she had SEVEN children and kept telling me, “He will be fine…you HAVE to do this…he HAS to learn.”

The only part that really sucked was that until the doors closed for our meeting, I could hear him screaming b/c his classroom was only about 20 feet away.

Either way, I kept checking my watch and before I knew it 3 whole hours had passed!20130904-130154.jpgI know it’s not a big deal and that moms leave their kids at school or daycare or with others all the time, but it was a big deal to us. I don’t spend money yet on preschool for him b/c I feel we made the choice for me to stay home with him, so it wouldn’t make sense to just stay home and not work and then send him to school.

In January, we are considering putting him in a program 2 days a week for 3 hours at a time. I think it will be good for him (and me). I want him to share and play well with others (something that isn’t so easy for him right now), but I also want some time to myself to clean and grocery shop….and possibly even find a small job to supplement that expense.

For now, I just know we are really proud of our little dude.

He’s such a good boy. He really is. Feisty as can be, that one, but good as gold. And Mommy & Daddy sure were proud parents that day!



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