My phone keeps trying to auto correct the word “Linky” to “Kinky” and this is NOT that kind of post. Sorry.

I was so excited for the 3-day weekend that I didn’t get to post my Friday Linky Loves. So, it’s Monday night and we had a great weekend together (despite Reeve breaking my nose) and I’m now sitting in bed watching American Ninja Warrior and wishing I had more of the brownies our neighbor’s left on our porch on Friday….

This commercial came on and, after just having one of “those days,” it made me laugh so hard I cried

18 Things Kids Know About Happiness

Do you put as much energy into your marriage as you do your children?

Going to live in this sweater all winter

A Book my friend recommended that I can’t wait to read…seriously, read a bit of it…hilarious

Where Discount Clothing comes from

Can I please hold this?

Optical illusion

Don’t handicap your children

Can NOT get this song out of my head

Who wants to make this with me? I will buy the supplies if you come do it with….

Cool Christmas idea for a family member who is hard to buy for

a Marriage Timeline

My Spiritual Advisor



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