Here are 10 Random things you may not know about me. Some of these I didn’t even think anyone knew about me or noticed…, however, when you ask your husband on a Saturday night in bed at 9pm…here is what you learn about yourself.

10. I LOVE Lionel Richie.
Really, I do. I love his voice and when I’m power-walking at 7pm during the week, his music is what I listen to. Not anything hard core or fast, but some “Easy Like Sunday Morning” or “Sail On.” I love him so much I call him Lie-oh-nell.

9. I’m obsessed with Mormons. I don’t want to join their church or anything, but I’m fascinated with the magic glasses and special underwear. Some of THE most amazing, kindest, generous people I know are Mormon and I don’t say this to offend them, I love them, I am also just fascinated with their ability to craft, their blogs and their huge families.

8. I drink Coca-Cola for breakfast. This one is sad. Reeve looks at my Coke every morning and says “Mommy’s Coke” and without it I get a headache and try to kill people.

7. I drive with an empty gas tank. Along with the fact that this is one of the last things I want to do with a screaming toddler in the car, I hate watching the dollar amount roll by and add up. I hate the heat when it’s hot out and I hate the cold when it’s cold out. I let Kirk fill my tank up on the occasions he drives my car. I’ve only ran out once (twice if you count Europe) and once the bell rings letting me know I have 20 miles I put $30.00 in…that’s my dollar amount of choice.

6. I hate when water gets on the floor. I do. Ugh, I hate it when Kirk washes the food scraps off of plate and it splatters on the floor. I hate it when ice comes out of the refrigerator and gets on the floor. I hate it when Reeve throws his bottle and leaves water marks. I hate it when Hannah licks up Reeve’s scraps. I hate it when snowy paw prints leave water marks. I can’t stand water marks on the kitchen floor.

5. I have two tattoos….and I hid them both from my dad for 15+ years. One says HOPE for my grandma and the other has words from our wedding vows. I already have 3 & 4 in mind, but need my husband to sack up and get them with me.

4. I LOVE Long John Silver’s. Ew….gross! I know….I don’t love how it feels like your lips are covered in chapstick afterwards and it’s really grease and I don’t love how crappy I feel after, but I love the crunchies and the malt vinegar and the hush puppies….

3. I can’t stand to watch Kid’s movies (Nemo, Monsters, Cars….). In fact, I’ve never sat through any of these type of movies. I think I know what happens in Nemo, but I would never willingly watch any movies like this. I just found out Kirk owns Nemo on DVD and am a little weirded out by this.

2. I can’t stand comedians or comedy shows. I don’t like to listen to people be rehearsed-funny. If it’s not spur-of-the-moment, I don’t think it’s funny. I especially don’t like comedy on the radio. I have sat through 2 comedy shows in my life and they were both funny, but I wouldn’t ever choose this as entertainment.

1. I’m terrified of being late. Late to anything. I can’t stand to run 1 minute behind. I think it’s rude and so very inconsiderate. So, as a result, I’m often WAY to early and then sit in a parking lot or waiting room far longer than I should. I’ve read a lot of books as a result of this….I just think 5-10 minutes early is actually on time. When someone else is late, I get so fidgety.

*and a post without a picture is no fun, so here are my boys at Cabela’s where we watched the fish for an hour. . . .also, notice their matching outfits? Totally unplanned…



2 thoughts on “10.Things.You.Don’t.Know.About.Me

  1. 10 Things her dad knows about her that most people don’t.

    1. I always figured you got a tattoo the minute you went to college.
    2. She cried for a week when she went to college and begged to come home.
    3. After the first week she never wanted to come home again
    4. She is 6 foot tall in her bare feet.
    5. She was and All State Basketball player her senior yeat.
    6. She hates to lose at anything/
    7. She got a belly button ring when she was 14 and I made here take it out (for some reason she blamed it on her brother)
    8. She can drive a sticik shift car better than most men.
    9. She would not wear her seat belt as a teenager and I would chase her down and make her wear it often stopping her in front of her friends and embarrassing her.
    10. She was and is a very good athelete.

  2. Jess, your #4 resulted in some great memories of mine. James, I remember #7 very well hehehe. #8 is probably true but wow I remember that learning curve, it was a fun ride. #9 cracks me up and I do recall that as well. #10 I totally agree!

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