We love the mountains. We do. We wake up each morning and can see them from Long’s Peak to Pike’s Peak (well over 150 miles). If we could, we would spend every weekend up there and often debate whether we sell both of our homes and build a dream house or stay put and buy a home up in the mountains. This past month, we consciously have been taking Reeve up as much as we can now that he can get around on his own. We want him to grow up loving to hike and ride bikes and fish and ski and take advantage of all that those mountains have to offer.

This past weekend we took him on his 2nd hike (not his 2nd ever, but the 2nd one where we let him walk it on his own.). He loves to say “HIKE” as loud as he can and we love just taking our time, letting him explore, pointing out the berries and fall colors and sticks and trees and stopping to listen to the rushing river.

When we started on the trail, this is what happened….


He just needed to run. I found this quote and it touched my heart.

The mountains are calling and I must go ~ Muir

He truly just needed to run…

it wasn’t a 100 feet in and we heard the river rushing. Reeve kept saying “ribber” and I made Kirk take this picture of us.20130826-134726.jpg


These two….

Maybe it’s the Polo shirt, maybe it’s the full head of hair or the smirk on his face, but he just looks like an adult to me. Where has time gone? 20130826-134752.jpg

We made a parenting mistake along this hike. Reeve plopped himself in the tall grass once and we laughed at him. Yes. We laughed at him. So guess what happened next? Yep, he did it about 35 more times.

Parents, don’t laugh at something you don’t want your kids to do no matter how cute it is or they will inevitably do it just to spite you. I was mostly worried about rattlesnakes, but I also didn’t want to spend the next 1.85 miles pulling him up and saying, “come on”20130826-134759.jpg


is upon us. 20130826-134806.jpg

another one with me….it’s rare to get a picture of Reeve and I together that I don’t take with my iPhone reversed….even more rare for Kirk to take one that is actually in focus. I swear, how one manages to take out of focus pictures in this day and age is beyond me.20130826-134818.jpg

and my favorite part of the hike was this.20130826-134830.jpg

Reeve and Kirk sat on the bank tossing rocks into that river for 45 minutes. I just sat and watched and gave my Thanks for them.

When he stood up, his butt was covered in wet mud. He was so mad when we wouldn’t let him stay there all day.20130826-134838.jpgI’m the luckiest….

oh, and in the future, don’t let your toddler wear flip flops on a hike….his stubby little toes were black, toenails had all kinds of stuff under them and he kept tripping. Bad mama



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