I thought about titling this post “The Old Gray Mare She Ain’t What She Used to Be” b/c I’ve since walked around singing that song. Let me tell you, I had GRAND plans for our first night away….but more on those later.

Our plan was to leave after I put Reeve down for his nap at 12:15. That gave us AMPLE time to get to the church. Well, as they say, the best laid plans are paved with good intentions.

I should start by saying I had NO anxiety whatsoever about leaving Reeve for our first night alone. I knew he was in the best hands possible with my mom and dad. I knew he’d get spoiled and had watched him play with them for the past 2 days not even caring if I was in the house, let alone the room. He LOVES them….I kid you not, this kid loves him some Don Linny.  I wasn’t worried one bit, I tell you.

So, I go to rock him to sleep, which usually takes 10 minutes MAX.

He’s asleep, so I put him in his crib and walk away…same thing I do every day. Only this time, he popped up the second I laid him down and SCREAMED bloody murder. I tried to let him cry himself back to sleep, but after 15 minutes it was clear he was only getting more worked up.

Fine….so I take off my dress that I put on after I rocked him the first time and go back in there to try again. I whisper to him and I sing and sitting my bra and underwear he falls asleep again. I rock him an extra 5 minutes to make sure he’s really, really asleep. I stand up. I lay him down…..


I walk into our bedroom where Kirk looks at me like “what the fVck?”

I start bawling. We aren’t late, we still have plenty of time, but at this point my nerves are shot.

How can I leave him for the first time overnight if he’s crying for me. SCREAMING for me? What if something happens and we get in a car accident and he never sees me again and his last memory of me is that I left him?

I sit on the bed crying and Kirk says, “we’ll just stay home” all passive-agressive-like.

Don Linny comes in and says she will just rock him. I let her go in there and sit in the dark and rock and rock and rock him. Twenty minutes pass and he’s still awake. In the dark  and tired as can be, but still awake. I listen to her make up stories about doggies and sheep and trucks….and I’m not leaving this house until he’s asleep.

FINALLY…at 1:00 I hear nothing so I tiptoe in there and he’s asleep and she’s rocking him with a lotion bottle in one hand.

We run out of the house. WHEW!!!! I jokingly told Kirk, “I bet she rocks him his whole nap b/c she won’t want to wake up when she puts him down.”

She did…and she loved every minute of it.

We got 5 miles down the road and realized neither one of us packed shoes for the next day. So, I had 4″ black heels and he had shiny black dress shoes….Whatever.

We had a great time watching one of Kirk’s baseball teammates get married. The Catholic ceremony was quick and the bride looked like a little Hispanic Disney princess. SHE WAS GORGEOUS, folks. The groom was nervous and the other 2 couples we hung out with were a blast.

We drank, we danced, we ATE a lot, we enjoyed the GORGEOUS venue with views of a typical orange Denver sunset and a brilliant skyline.20130821-134847.jpg

I might be doing something inappropriate in the lower half of this picture to get Kirk to smile. 🙂20130821-134853.jpg





By 10pm the other couples had to get home to relieve their babysitters. This is where my Grand Plan to go out and PAR-TAY fell through. See, I wanted to leave the reception to hit up some of the swanky wine bars and dives we used to go to when we were dating. I had visions of us sipping martinis and not talking about Reeve and flirting….

Yeah, my feet hurt from those heels that made me 6′ 4″ and I had a headache b/c I either drank too much or not enough to keep feeling good. My belly was full b/c I ate a LOT so that I could soak up what I planned to drink later.

We went to the bar in the lobby of our hotel where I CHUGGED 6 glasses of water and then I looked at Kirk, apologized and asked if we could just go to bed.

He didn’t seem to care and after at least 14 whiskeys and Coronas (gross) was probably pretty tired to. Maybe it was the dancing we did, whew boy….did we dance.

Either way, we woke up the next morning to get ready to go meet my folks for brunch. Kirk only had these shoes to wear, I said he looked European. I just went barefoot as far as the valet and then my parents brought me some shoes.

I couldn’t wait to see my boy. I just knew he would see me and yell “MAMA” like he does and come running at me.

Yeah, I drove up to the restaurant and some him playing Cornhole (you know the game where you toss the bean bags in the hole in the board?) and rolled down my window to yell at him. He looked right at me and said “hole” and then kept right on playing. He could have cared less. And why would he? He got held for 2 hours while he slept, played with his new Train Table and taken to his favorite restaurant to eat.

20130821-134942.jpgThe only down part of the whole day afterwards was knowing it would be a very long time before we got to get away again. My parents live 10 hours away and we just don’t have anyone else we trust enough to leave him with. It’s hard…I’ve talked about that numerous times, but we have a great babysitter here that we love and that we can leave him with while we have Date Nights.

It’s not the same though.

I came home and threw those horrible heels in the closet, hung up my dress and have been singing The Old Gray Mare She Ain’t What She Used to Be” ever since.

My how times change….



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