Hello Friends,

we made it through another week. This one was a little tough at the beginning with Don Linny & Papa Jim leaving, but the very next day Kirk’s good friend from childhood flew in and is staying with us while going to some concerts around town. I won’t talk about the fact that Kirk is going with them tonight to see Dave Matthews Band while I stay home. I’m trying to be upbeat about how much it sucks that I couldn’t find a babysitter and can’t go. I *heart* DMB, but a small part of me relates all of his music to my college relationship and know that I would be one big sappy, cry baby for a few of the songs. I think God had a reason for keeping me at home with Reeve, he wants me to enjoy a TWO HOUR massage this afternoon instead. Equal tradeoff? I THINK SO.

Reeve is being extra crabby today, I think it’s the 4 teeth he’s cutting right now. No matter how grumpy he is though, a little Superman goes a long way. Give him some new (used) Superman jammies and slap some stickers on his arms and he’s good to go.

20130823-125543.jpgHere are some of my favorite things around the Internet this week.

This cool website has lots of unique and interesting finds to make any mama’s life easier

I won’t lie, I thought maybe they were keeping their baby in hiding b/c she wasn’t as amazing as we all expected her to be….but, hot damn, was I wrong. North West is ADORABLE!!!!

Where exactly IS the Land of Oz?

This song is stuck in my head…all day…on repeat….argh!!!

This sign from my hometown of Wathena, KS made me smile….Such happy memories

This website brings joy to each day for me. Same questions, such different answers

Did you drink wine while pregnant? I did….VERY sparingly….I remember a friend of a friend asking me if I was worried I was going to “Kill my baby?” I looked at him and said, “are YOU worried YOU are going to kill YOUR baby?”  Jerk….

My hero….mostly b/c she can hold that headstand so long, and also b/c she can do yoga naked, but really b/c her cool baby did THIS

This sweater makes me want to curl up next to a fire or stroll with a Golden Retriever

Mom, I’m going to make these pumpkins and think of you….these will look great on my porch

Kirk bought 18 pounds of peaches from his Rotary Club Fundraiser, I’m going to make THIS and THIS and THESE for Reeve

Have you ever given anyone a Homemade Gift? I love telling the story of WHY I chose that gift for THAT person

These Maps that help you make sense of the world BLEW MY MIND

and lastly, b/c I believe in LOVE and equality and sharing JOY with others, you should watch this Marriage Proposal and put some light out into the world


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