I had high hopes of a wonderful post about something great, but then Reeve let me know he wasn’t going to let me get 2 inches away from him today, so you are just going to get a bunch of random photos now.

Here he is in one of those toddler swings. He’s a big kid and this one was too low for him. His legs were scraping the rocks below and he was not happy to say the least.20130820-130751.jpg

I’m guilty of being that mom who takes her kid out in his pajamas a lot. Ahem, I’m also that mom who doesn’t care if the pajamas match.20130820-130806.jpg

NICK! Reeve playing with our sweet neighbor, Nick.20130820-130817.jpg

Sweet sleepy boy20130820-130827.jpg

This is ALL size 2T…mostly from Aunt Connie, I bet I’ve only bought him 5 things in that closet.20130820-130836.jpg

At a new pool with floaties on. We like our pool better and are going to stick with it20130820-130845.jpg

Sleepy boy ON Mommy


TROUBLE….could they be any cuter? I mean, come on20130820-130905.jpg

They do everything together.20130820-130912.jpg

Dog in the middle of a storm….20130820-130919.jpg

Reeve saw this nasty mannequin head at a store and said, “Mama!”20130820-130928.jpg

We love playing with the neighbors and eating chalk20130821-135009.jpg


Naked reading with Don Linny20130821-135024.jpg

Breakfast with Papa Jim20130821-135030.jpg

More sidewalk chalk….he loves to pick up the pieces that are still whole and throw them so they break into a hundred little pieces.20130826-131123.jpg

I was hiding in the office so Kirk had to entertain him. I looked out and saw this.20130826-131134.jpg

pool on a chilly day. We stuck our toes in the hot tub for an hour20130826-131148.jpg

Riding Dirty with Deklan20130826-131155.jpg

Reeve and I had a sushi date while daddy went to a DMB concert….They put his water in a bowl20130826-131203.jpg

noodles…one by one….so slow…..took forever and he was so nosey with the little girls in the table behind us20130826-131214.jpg

back at home, learning how to climb on rocks with the neighbor kiddos20130826-131225.jpg


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