Since Don Linny and Papa Jim left yesterday, Reeve has been a bit of a mess.

He keeps walking from room to room going “is they?” and every time a door opens or a car drives by he gasps and says hopefully, “Linny?”

He just loves her.

His naps are crappy now and he is having a hard time with letting me know why. Could be the teeth….it’s probably sadness that he’s not getting lots of new toys and special trips to Noodles & Co. or new clothes or getting to watch Superman on YouTube all day.

Poor baby….he’s just sad. Me too.

At least today Daddy isn’t really working and is playing with him all day.

And…..we decided to book a trip to Kansas in 3 weeks b/c we just needed to go home and get more of that Don Linny Love.







20130820-131216.jpg20130821-135030.jpg 20130821-135024.jpg


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