I’m a bit behind here. We’ve had my parents in town and it’s been so nice to be able to shower and shave my legs that I certainly haven’t been using my spare moments to scramble to post about our life.

In fact, I can’t even remember when these pictures were taken….at least a week ago.

One of my favorite things about my Cul De Sac is all the little neighbor kids. We are really lucky to have mindful, respectful and kind children on our street…..I see daily how some children don’t respect their toys and space and I am just so grateful for the kiddos here.

Nearly every day we have a Sidewalk Chalk party. My driveway is notorious for being a Free For All, I not only encourage every color and shape and quote and Hop Scotch and body outline and moon and Superman logo, I encourage it…Kirk always comes home from work and says it looks like Brooklyn on our driveway.

Reeve thinks it’s so funny when the older kids lay down and trace each other’s body outline. He can’t quite figure out the lying down part though. 🙂20130811-070115.jpg


Here he is in his *old* high chair wearing daddy’s glasses…yes, I was able to move this big, vinyl and plastic monster to the basement for someday…..he’s now in a Big Boy Booster seat20130811-070130.jpg

Silly little Buggie….he likes to pick up shirts and shorts and wear them on his head.20130811-070143.jpg

and licking these Google Eyes and sticking them to our foreheads is pretty funny…..


I am going to have a lot of posts over the course of the next few days, so I apologize in advance if your Inbox keeps alerting you that I’ve done so. It’s just so important for me to keep this ongoing journal of our mundane, often chaotic life for Reeve to have as he grows older.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday, we are going to shed a lot of tears around here when Don Linny leaves. It’s going to be hard, I just know he’s going to walk from room to room looking for her and crying, “Linny?” and saying “is she?” with his arms up….



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