We eat a lot of Frozen Yogurt in this house. With places just around the corner where you can load your “healthy” fro you up with Butterfingers and Oreos and marshmallow syrup, it just seems like we are making a good choice every time we do it.

I was thinking the other day how Reeve went his whole first year without so much as a bit of sugar and then a few months into his first year and summer hits and BOOM, just like that, we are getting sugary Fro Yo twice a week.


he calls it “nah ceem” and will remember 4 hours later if you said the word and haven’t yet gotten any for him.

When he eats it, it looks a little something like this.20130811-070021.jpg


and then when it’s all gone, he lifts up his shirt and starts rubbing his belly.20130811-070035.jpg

20130811-070044.jpgand then he tries to get his Superman doll into his belly button….



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