I don’t think so…

more like disheveled housewife

but whatever, I can se

I love my new Oliver People Wacks in CocoBolo. It only took me about 8 different stores to find a pair I liked…

and it’s not that difficult to tell that my bangs need trimmed and my bra is showing, but I really don’t care.

The other thing I notice when I look at this picture is that we are having ANOTHER Popsicle Porch Day. That’s b/c Reeve is getting all 4 of his canine teeth in at once and will start biting on me and the straps of my shirt to let me know his teeth hurt. We downed this batch (strawberries, spinach and greek yogurt) in just 3 days.

What will we do this winter when his teeth hurt?





Here is a *somewhat* better shot….

Listen, I’m doing good to have hair clean enough to go in public, let alone look good with cute, new stylish glasses.



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