What’s a mommy to do when her head hurts (the Bob Dylan Voodoo) and your toddler won’t leave you alone? Won’t let you 2 feet from him? Needs your skin? Wants to hold you and climb on you and wrap himself around you?

You surrender….

that’s all you can do.

You go outside before it hits 1,000 degrees and lie down in the driveway and just let him use your body as a jungle gym.




and then your neighbors come out to make sure everything is okay b/c they aren’t used to seeing this.

Then it’s time for a nap and it’s like they KNOW that you don’t feel well and they want to be even closer…

So they nap ON you




and it’s okay b/c The Beast is getting big and soon won’t want to climb on you or nap on your and so you just surrender…..

but your headache doesn’t and this behavior carries on for 13 hours….

No more Bob Dylan for this gal….



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