Every night before bed we read as many books to Reeve as he wants before the clock strikes 7:25….

and every night, as of late, the only books are allowed to read are Superman books.

Superman picture books. Superman Easy Reader Level 1 books. Super story books….20130801-132458.jpg




This one is called “Thank You, Superman” and here we are doing the Sign Language for Thank You over and over and over again.20130801-132534.jpg


Round 3 of this books. You really like my white socks with the Gold Toe, don’t you?20130801-132552.jpg

Check out his stylish Yo Gabba Gabba jammies from Don Linny.20130801-132558.jpgI’m pretty tired of Superman books and am thinking we are just going to beg Papa Jim for some old Superman comics b/c it’s hard to find board books….




One thought on “Bookies

  1. You should get him some Superman Cartoons. Target has them. The best ones are the ones from the 40s and you can usually get them at Big Lots or even Walmart.


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