If you are out and about in the neighborhood this summer and see these cute little buns flash by, make sure to stop….he will give you a up-close-and-personal view of his goods20130728-194830.jpg


If you are at one of Kirk’s baseball game and you hear a toddler yelling “GAME” and “GO DADA” and “Base” and “run” and “strike” it’s this one….and short of tying him down NOTHING will keep him off that field20130728-194908.jpg



20130728-194943.jpgIt’s a beautiful teaser of a day. It feels like Fall although we have almost another month of hot weather. We are in jeans and scarves and equal parts happy and sad about summer ending.

What will we do all day if we can’t be at the pool or baseball games or on a long walk?

The only good thing about Winter is snow and in Colorado we have snowy days that are sunny….so I see a lot of snowmen and sledding and possibly even some skiing in our future.



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