Last week we took a quick 3-day trip to Kansas.

Reeve just loves Cousin Jack (Dak, he calls him).

They played “One Big Eye” a lot…and now Reeve does this instead of hugging.20130728-195101.jpg

he played so hard he was constantly dirty (this is from the floor at the Frozen Yogurt place)20130728-195110.jpg

Don Linny bought him this Batman bath towel cape and it’s hard to get it off him once it’s on20130728-195130.jpg

He got a Marines tattoo from PPJ20130728-195139.jpg

He had so much fun at Target with DL & PPJ….he got to play with the big red ball…20130728-195145.jpg

and run around the store20130728-195153.jpg

and ride up high20130728-195201.jpg

and then we went to the airport by my parent’s house and watched planes.20130728-195211.jpg

how cute is this one?20130728-195220.jpg



and then the cousins came up again and he played Drive Thru with DL & the boys20130728-195244.jpg

and then it was time to go back to Denver….

he was soooo sad to leave Don Linny. He just loves her and didn’t want to let her go. Sometimes he wouldn’t even come to me if she had him.

But airports are fun….and he just loves planes right now so he seemed to enjoy the window….and his cape20130728-195256.jpg

and his new Smurf backpack stuffed with Superman and Batman toys from Aunt Connie20130728-195319.jpg

once we got home Daddy was there to play with all his awesome new toys. And he got a medal at Livvy’s b-day party that he wore all night20130728-195328.jpg

and then he wore his Batman jammies from Aunt Connie. Aren’t they funny? His head looks like a 3-year-old and his little body still looks like a baby.20130728-195335.jpgWe miss Kansas….we get really spoiled there.

Good thing DL & PPJ are coming to see him in a few weeks. He walks around asking “Linny?” “Jim?”



2 thoughts on “Kansas

  1. I think Reeve looks like Jack and Will in the picture of your Dad holding him at Rose Crans. I haven’t ever thought that before, but he looks so much like them in this picture. I also love the one of your mom and Reeve on the curb.

    • I’ve always seen a resemblance. More so now hat his hair is blonde but I think it’s just b they are all so cute!

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