Dear Reeve,

could our life together be any more fun? I never dreamed in a million years I would get such a kick out of you. You are so smart, so sassy…so passionate and so full of love. I just get absolutely lost in how amazing you are. On any given day, as your Daddy and I lie in bed and retrace the tricks/funny things/ornery-ness/bad behaviors/cute smile for the day, I just can’t help but say, “Isn’t he awesome?”

I don’t care if you are more bad than good on any given day. I don’t care if you climb on your dresser and drop off of it (bad boy). It doesn’t matter if you fling applesauce into my face or bite my shoulder or arch your back as you do when I’m trying to buckle you into your carseat.

And I love you so. I just want you to know that. I want you to know how much fun these past 15 months have been. Long gone are any memories of late night feedings or sleepless days or worry about the color of your poop. As you get older, I just focus on keeping you alive (from hurting yourself that is) and on being ever-so-grateful for YOU and your health and our little family and our adventures.

This 15th month of you life could aptly be titled, “The Adventures of Buggie.” I’ve taken this moniker for you as a variation on Bubby. It works so well since you are obsessed with small, crawly creatures and often stop to bend down on any sidewalk to look for them. You point and say, “oh….buggie!!!!” then….you are off to look for bunnies or birds or kids or to “pway” or some other grand adventure.

Or, better yet, maybe we could title this month, “The Things Reeve Can Say.” Because, Reeve, it’s amazing how much your vocabulary grew this month. I’m not exaggerating when I count over 75 words you can say. At your 15-month checkup the doctor said, “does he know 10+ words?”  I laughed at him. You just parrot any word we throw at you (Borneo, tunnel, watch, frog, magic). I love your little brain!

It gives me so much to look forward to when you say a new word. I can’t wait to have conversations with you. To hear the things that are going to come out of your mouth. Lies, fibs, stories. I only hope I can figure out a way to quickly write them down so that I can remember them always.

Life has gotten a bit easier. It seems you have turned a corner. And I say that carefully. You no longer hit other children at Story Time (maybe b/c we don’t go every day and you forgot that you like to hit them). You no longer bite. You make choices and are polite and say “please” and “Thank you” and are, in general, a very sweet little boy. Just yesterday, a mom who we haven’t seen in over a month said to me, “wow, Reeve has really mellowed out.” You can answer Yes/No questions (No seems to be the answer more often than not). You can think about your answers and sometimes look at me and say “ummmmmmmmm” as you think, with your hands up to question yourself. You can tell us what you want (‘eat’ when hungry, ‘night night” when sleepy, drink, play, etc). And you can remember things we taught you or did days ago. It makes our days a little smoother to be able to communicate with you. I remember hesitating to use Sign Language b/c someone told me it delays speech….I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE!  You still sign “more” and “please” and “Thank you” and “eat” and without these key words, we would be on different pages all the time. You just seem like a different kid than you were last month. Being able to make choices and to let me know what you want allows less tantrums. There are still a few, don’t get me wrong, but often-times we have days with none.

You have begun to put together thoughts and turn them into 3-word sentences.  “Bunny eat grass” “Soap on knee” “Plane go bye bye”…..the idea of “bye bye” is one you use so often. Not just people go “bye bye” but anything we put away (books, plates, clothes) and bunnies that run off or cars that go by. Sometimes, you even will look at your arm where you Daily Tattoo is and if it’s not there you will say, “Tattoo go bye bye?”

You told your first joke this month. It started off with “Ice Ice Baby” after a little coaxing and now you will look at any cup of our ice (or juice) and say “Ice….Babeeeeee” and then laugh hysterically.  All while making sure we think it’s funny and laugh too. Your second joke is a bit inappropriate. YOu love to walk around saying “Poop” and then grunting followed by  “dipe” (diaper). It seems only fitting to me that your 2 joke repertoire have one dirty one in it, but seriously, the “poop” joke isn’t always funny, but you sure think these are b/c you then do your fake laugh and scrunch your nose up until you get a reaction out of us.

My favorite conversation with you is the one you have alone in your crib every morning when you wake up. It’s only about 10 minutes long, but I know it’s me you are talking to as every 4th word is “mama.” Today you threw in “trash” (which you love to throw away) and “poop” (yes, there was this time) and “Mickey” and “jump” and “ow-ie” and “night night” and “milky” and “boob” and “book” and “chop choo”, finally, a “DADDDDAAA!”

You also love to say a lot of “no no no” just like Daddy does when you are being naughty. You know exactly what you are doing when you shake your head or finger at us. Stinker. You love to sing your favorite song, it goes something like this, “Mommy a mama” over and over again. It’s so sweet! When you want to watch Superman cartoons in the car you say “up up” (up up and away) or “man.” You still love your superheroes, especially your hooded bath towel with Superman on it that has become the only thing you snuggle with and only at bedtime when we are reading your 59 books to you.

Your favorite “game” (you call anything fun to play this word) is Duck Duck Goose and walk around patting your head, my head, Hannah’s head. One day, you said “Duck” 4 times, then yelled “Chichen” (chicken). Smarty Pants…you know your feathered friends. Basketball is fun too on your new indoor hoop. You love to walk around saying “net” and trying to rip it off the hoop “oop”

Going to the park is pretty amazing. “Sing” for swing and “side” for slide. You want to do everything on your own and I hate it. I don’t mind the walking around part or the sand pit or even the woodchips, but I hate how you want to stand at the top of the structure without me and look towards the sudden drop off on the opposite side of the slide. You will occasionally sit in the toddler swing, but don’t love it. Same with the slide. It’s so dang hot this summer I think it may have burnt your legs once and you remember it. You are just a billy goat. You love to climb on any and every thing. You hang from bars with your ankles crossed for upwards of 7 seconds and pull with all your might to try to do a chin up. You then go home and try to hang off of chairs and sofa tables and the teacher’s cart at Story Time. You look at me and say “ang” and I give you The Look and you do it anyway.

When something was cool this month you would say, “Oh, Dada” as if you were saying “AWESOME” or Cowabunga. We laughed every time.

You are obsessed with the moon and look for it every time we are outside. It’s also your favorite shape to find in any book and always want me to draw it on the wall in the bathtub with your bath crayons.

You walk around all day saying “poop” and “dype” and “butt”…..you know it’s funny even though I don’t laugh. How do you know this? Are boys born this way? You grunt and squeeze your belly when I ask you if you have to poop and can make yourself do it…..when you ARE poopy you will tell me you need a “dype” and hold your nose to say stinky. You love playing in dirt and picking up pebbles and then rubbing your hands together to wipe them off. You love airplanes and dump trucks and bulldozers and all those things boys love. We find all of this in our very own neighborhood on our daily walks and you must be in heaven.

You love your friends Deklun and Lucas. When we are at home and you walk to look out the window towards Deklun’s house you start yelling “Deck-un” and “pway” and “game.” At Story Time you walk up and down the library aisles yelling “Wuuuuucusssss”. You have started “playing with others” in that you can show other kids the things you want them to see and then look at it with them for about a minute before you start pulling toys out of their hands, but at least you aren’t hitting them.

You just get slightly annoyed when I can’t understand you. You always repeat what you are saying when I can’t and are very good at using your fingers to point to things. You haven’t hit that age yet where I can say to you, “Reeve, can you say _________?” and you will repeat it. This makes for good entertainment when strangers are around. The other fun trick I’ve taken to this month is letting Siri on my iPhone try to determine what you are saying. She’s accurate about 1% of the time, but she does somehow interpret your tantrums in to the words “mad” and then “ha ha.”

At the pool you are such a brave boy. You now lock your arms, lie on your belly and let your legs float free. Scares the devil out of me. You point to the big pool and like to go into it with mommy or daddy and then lay your body on the boogie board and give your legs the occasional kick. You still like to blow bubbles and run in/out of the fountains. Getting your face wet is no problem and you to watch the other kids running or splashing about. Your hair couldn’t be any blonder. The combination of the chlorine and the sun has your skin so tan too. You look like a little surfer dude with your long baby wispy hairs going crazy everywhere once they are sticky with sunscreen and sweat.

You are getting so strong. You love to hang off of bars at the playground or try to do pushups like daddy. You can wink your eyes and make funny faces with daddy. Ring Around the Rosey sure is a lot of fun…especially that “all fall down” part and like to do it with any neighbor kid who will hold your hand.It’s so much fun to run in circles around us as we sit on the grass yelling “kirk-le” and giggling. You love feeding the horses in our neighborhood and scream “orse” and wave at them. I say, “Look, Reeve, they remember you” as they gallop over and you just smile so big. Finding “buggies” on the driveway and spinning on the grass when planes fly by makes Summer so amazing. Walking on your tip toes is pretty dang neat too…marching around the street in a random parade makes you laugh so hard. You have learned how to walk on the slanted concrete curb and now run…RUN!  Legs moving so fast, arms flapping like E.T. and often just laughing as you go….that’s a happy picture for me and one that I always will call upon to think of you at this age.

Uncle Rick came to town to visit and you had a lot of fun wrestling around with him. We played water balloon baseball with him too…soo cool! You called him “Unk Ick” and were pretty sad and confused when he left….you walked around with your hands up questioning where he was for a whole day.

You love when the sun starts to go down every day and we go outside to play with the other children. I am just so happy we live where we do and that our neighbors are all so wonderful. You get to enjoy the best Colorado has to offer and have so many little friends just out the front door.

You love to try to run and jump. You get one foot off the ground and just try so hard. I love that about you, you don’t know any different than to keep trying. Whether it’s to get up onto the couch or to open a door or to reach a book on the shelf, you just try so hard.

But, sometimes, you get impatient and rely on us to figure things out for you. This month I’ve been really hard on Daddy to make you do things yourself. Mostly for your own good, but I’m tired of carrying you up and down stairs b/c it’s faster and easier….you need to learn how to go down them. There’s just no excuse. You slide on your belly like a wet seal or sit & scoot about 75% of the time, but the other half you are just in too big of a hurry. If I’m not right there with you you will lose focus and tumble. We’ll keep working on it, though….it’s fine. I will keep carrying you. Besides, I’m kind of sure after I wrote the above sentence about being tired of carrying you that my heart broke a little…..stay small so I can always hold you, okay?

Eating has gone a little bit better this month. You ate 4 pieces of pork, 1 bite of chicken, 3 bites of steak and some chicken sausage. Not a lot, but at least you tried, that’s all that matters. The last 2 weeks of this month you have been teething pretty badly. Drool is pouring out of your mouth like when you were cutting your first teeth. You still could eat noodles every day for every meal, but I switch it up on you a lot. You don’t throw your food as often, but for some reason now think it’s so funny to put food in your hair. You also hide bites down in your chair and think that it fools me. If I can’t see it you must’ve eaten it, right? Yeah….We have a lot of meals out on the front porch. Spinach popsicles (suckles) and cheese sticks and watch the clouds roll by. When your food is hot, you like to look at us and say, “ot!  Ot!” and then blow/spit on your food. Even when food isn’t hot you like to let me know that it is. I pretend to blow on it and then you have to touch every bite that goes into your mouth to make sure.

You had a babysitter twice this month and did really well both times. They tell me you didn’t even cry…probably b/c I tell them it’s okay to bribe you with Jelly Beans.

You still love to read books and your collections has well over 100. There are definitely some that are your favorites (the books where you practice words and “Goodnight Moon” and “My World” and this one really old dog book that I always hide and you always manage to find. You first “chore” was given to you this month. Each night you are responsible for cleaning up and putting away 5 books on the shelf. You don’t really like to slide them into their spot and often just toss them in a pile. That’s okay…you are learning. One thing you can do new this month is find certain books on the shelf. I will say, “find me a book with a cow” and you look for a second, then pull a random one with a cow out. I might say, “get the “soup” book and you always find it. You hand me a book we haven’t read in a while and call it accordingly “bug book” or “balloon book” or “monkey……we lie on our tummies reading them. You love to have your red Superman towel to snuggle with as I read them to you in my lap. Then you run back and forth between daddy and I giving us our Night Night kiss….we usually get at least 4 each. It’s one of my favorite parts of each day.

We are still nursing twice a day. You spend the rest of the day tugging on my bra straps and shirt….annoying? yes….are you ready to wean? no. It’s okay…you are so busy running about it’s the only time of the day you can slow down. My skin is still your “quiet place” and sometimes you just want to lean against my back when I’m sitting or touch my cheek. Each morning in bed you just want to lay your head in my neck and breathe me in. I love it….even though some days you are really rough with me and climb on me and pull my hair and treat me like a jungle gym. I know one day I won’t be able to pay you for this closeness so I soak it all in. Just like how you love to hold my hand. When we walk or even when I am beside you as Daddy pushes you in the stroller. You just want to hold onto my pointer finger. Sometimes, in the car, you say “and” and reach out for me to reach back to hold yours…I’m so grateful that you want to hold on to me as much as I want to hold on to you.

Reeve, I’m just…I’m really just so proud to be your mama. As we watch you grow and learn and discover this amazing world around you we are just soooo very proud of you. And it’s our hope that you learn to be so proud of yourself as you grow older. We spend a lot of time talking about how to make this life of yours happy and how to teach you so many wonderful ways to be a good human. It’s our pleasure to get to guide you through this life. You have changed every conversation and thought and goal I’ve ever had. You are the absolute best thing about you….well, and your daddy too.

I really love you, Reeve. May you never doubt that. May you always find comfort in that. May someday you know that I tried to make every day special for you. May I make you feel special every day. May you always approach every new thing with the wonder you do now. And may you always just live as hard as you do now…so hard it may be a little rough on me, but it’s so much fun to be so curious.

Each night I go to be so tired I can hardly walk. My hips hurt. My eyes burn. My hair is a wreck. My feet ache. I’m often grumpy and covered in pasta sauce that you flung at me. I probably stink and definitely could use a pedicure. My legs aren’t shaved and I’m not sure I’ve gotten to go to the bathroom all day. The bed is my favorite part of the day, I long for that moment I can crawl under my bedding and just CRASH…..and then I hear you sigh through the monitor and my body aches for YOU. I look at your Daddy  and I tell him I want to wake you up and play with you and that I already miss you and we tell each other stories about things you did that day or we look at pictures of you taken on my phone throughout the day…and my body aches for yours….and I fall asleep and I’m each day awakened by you yelling “mama….MAMA!!!! MOMMY!!!!!” and I can’t wait to rush into your room and sweep you out of your crib and hug you. You shove your face into my neck, your hand down my shirt, tears falling on my shoulders then we see Hannah and you laugh and you lunge at Daddy and it just never tires. I forget the aches and pains and I get to hold you and none of that matters.

I swear, this tiny love of yours could kill me. All of this time I’ve been alive, I’ve had no idea I was capable of loving anyone as I do you. Is it possible to suffocate in love? To drown in a sea of your blonde hair? To overdose on wet, gooey kisses? If so, then I’m surely a goner.

Reeve, I love you so much. I’m the luckiest mama, wife alive to be yours and you mine and daddy ours.

To the Moon & Back,

16 months 4 16 months 9 16 months 10 16 months 23 16 months 26 16 months 31 16 months 34 16 months 42 16 months 45

Favorite things to do: Pool, hug Hannah, look out the window for Deklun and yell his name, hang off of things, climb, run circles, watch Superman cartoons on my iPhone in the car
Favorite things to eat: Broccoli, PB&J, grilled cheese with spinach, pasta, peaches, Cutie oranges, fruit
Dislikes: being away from me, when I leave the room
Funny Tricks: Kung fu, Duck Duck Goose, tip toe-ing
Scary items: snakes (hasn’t seen any but I tell him they are places I don’t want him to go.
Cute item: Skateboard, Batman Little People, sunglasses,
Hair color: Surfer blond
Eye color: Still bright blue!
Clothing size: 18 months
Diaper size: 4
Weight: probably 27-28 pounds
Height: 35″ (98%) (so big you often are mistaken for a 2-year-old)
Teeth: 12. top and bottom incisors are working their way in….they haven’t popped yet but I can see them in the gums

  • Funny Words (there are about 10o more you can say)
  • Orange (your nose crinkles)
  • Michael’s (muckles)
  • Chicken Nugget – nuggie
  • thunder – dun dun
  • poop – you say this 100 times a day
  • buggies
  • hammer – amma
  • potty
  • gross – dwoss
  • sucker – sucka
  • sticker – sticka
  • pocket/bucket
  • swing – sding
  • slide – swide
  • circle – kirkles
  • bar – bah
  • heart – hawt
  • burger – bugga
  • pit – every fruit you eat now you assume has a pit in it and you keep looing
  • numbers – numb-uhs
  • tickle – tickah
  • pancake – paw-cake
  • ice cream – uh-ceem
  • game
  • jeep
  • Horse – orse
  • game

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