I love to make art messes with Reeve. I am sure this is plenty of evidence that allowing your kid to make messes is good for their creativity, but the truth of the matter is, I just love that he doesn’t know to be “controlled” yet. I hate that it often means he thinks he can finger paint with his food, but I love that he is so tactile. He puts the paint on his belly and in his hair and I can just tell it feels SOOOO good.

So, when I asked the other moms in the cul de sac if they wanted to participate in a Paint Party and do a Pinterest project, I was excited to watch how other children interact with art.

One girl was very meticulous and one boy wanted to use brushes to paint stripes. One girl wanted to use her feet and another boy did color-blocking….my kid, of course, painted his canvas and the grass and his body and me.

I love that kid!20130719-124908.jpg







Finished Project….now hanging in the Playroom.

It’s perfect.



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