Summa.Summa.Summa Time

Deep in the midst of summer days around here.  . . … and LOVING it. We are digging the heat and the pool and making the most of our BEAUTIFUL Colorado.

Here are some snippets of a 48-hour period.

There is SO much construction in our neighborhood. Reeve loves our 2-3 mile daily walk b/c he gets to see the “big tucks!!!!” We stop and watch and wave and sometimes they come over to talk to him or the big rigs honk at him. He always points and says, “Help dem?”20130717-120220.jpg

We visit the pool 4-5 times a week. Always at 10am when it’s least busy. He’s recently most obsessed with these boogie boards that are always in Lost & Found…especially the Justice League one seen below.20130717-120233.jpg

Saturday breakfast at Denny’s. Loves coloring the Kid’s Menu and sitting on the bench like a big boy.20130717-120249.jpg

The horses in our neighborhood are Reeve’s fave!!!  He laughs at them every time he sees them. I always say, “Look, Reeve, they remember you” as they come galloping towards us and he just says, “hi…hyeeee….hiiiiii” over and over. He tries to feed them the long grass I hand them. Sometimes he wants to share his sippy with them.20130717-120225.jpg

Reeve and Deklun just haven’t quite figured out if they like to play together quite yet. Deklun is 6 months older but they are going to grow up and be in the same class together someday.20130717-120304.jpg

Falling asleep while eating is so funny….it’s also the best time to sneak vegetables into his food.20130718-132600.jpg

In the afternoon we often go to the Tattered Cover bookstore where he always find this same Superman book with stickers in it. Every time. I try to hide it….he still finds it.20130718-132614.jpg

He also likes these 2 stuffed puppies “nannie’s”20130718-132624.jpg

and he likes to look at the baseball book and say “daddy” and “stike” (strike) over and over.20130718-132632.jpg

He likes to pull apart the Legos at Mommy’s doctor….he likes to throw them and yell at them and climb on chairs and run back into the Off Limits offices.20130718-132641.jpg

Back to the AM walks….likes to feel the sun on his head.20130718-132650.jpg

BUNNIES!!!! We spend a lot of time looking for and chasing them. They come right up to you here….it’s a little scary.20130718-132702.jpg

DUCKS!!!!  How cute is this Mama duck and her babies? We sit and watch them for 15 minutes or so. He yells at them and points and laughs and thinks it’s the funniest thing when they dive down and their butts are up in the air.20130718-132712.jpg

We just spend a lot of time being busy. I’m dreading Winter, though it’s months away. I don’t know what we will do every day when we can’t be outside soaking up the sun.

Reeve has the most amazing tan going on. He’s a strong, brave boy in the pool and Mama’s legs have never looked better with our daily walks.

I hope yours is going well too.



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