Every night, when we know Kirk is on his way home from work, we go sit out on the front porch.

Kirk loves to see us out there waiting for him and we get so excited when Daddy’s black car pulls up.

Tonight, no daddy….he’s in New York.

We went out anyway….

and waited…and waited…20130711-193147.jpg


20130711-193202.jpgWe had a popsicle and threw rocks….

and cried a whole bunch when we realized Daddy wasn’t coming.

When I put Reeve down for bed, he looked around and said, “Dada?” Arms up asking “where?”

I said, “Daddy’s working, he’ll be home tomorrow…..”

If only I could’ve taken a picture of that moment, you looked at me and said, “whyyyyyyyyy? Oh, Dada…….whyyyyy?”

You are about the cutest thing in the whole world.

Pretty soon, when Daddy travels, you’ll be able to ask him to bring you home presents and then can get mad at him when he forgets. I do.



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