Where in the world has time gone? I feel like I haven’t blogged in FOREVER!

It’s quite busy around here and I can’t for the life of me tell you why. We haven’t travelled and we haven’t had any big projects. I assume it’s just b/c Reeve is no longer a baby and now a real little boy and I can hardly keep up with him.

We started our Holiday morning like we do most around here….with dyed pancakes. (for those of you who asked how I got the colors so vivid, I used GEL and not just regular food coloring). He LOVES pancakes and they are a very special treat for him.


Then we headed over to Reeve’s friend, Lucas’, house from which we would walk over to the big parade.

How cute are these two?20130709-130003.jpg

Reeve was such a good boy…sat in his stroller the whole time just waving his flags around. He loves the horses and cars and kids doing karate and the dogs and just the noise in general.20130709-130013.jpg


We parted with our friends (who went on to adopt a puppy at the festival) and walked back towards their home. First, we stopped at the library water fountains….20130709-130037.jpg

Then….ah man, how cute are these two?20130709-130045.jpg

Isn’t Reeve’s outfit ridiculous? I mean, of course it is…I know that. But on the 4th of July you HAVE to cover your child with as much red, white and blue as possible….even patterns that don’t match. And those red high-tops! GASP20130709-130054.jpg

Then we went home where Reeve napped. I did some cleaning and found Kirk sitting on the front porch having a conversation with A*  She’s 320130709-130102.jpg

Then, all of the neighbors were invited to a cul de sac Dessert and Slip N Slide party I organized. I made this Jello Cake.

Reeve played in the kiddie pools and water for HOURS and crashed hard that night.20130709-130112.jpg

As did Daddy……20130709-130124.jpg


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