The hardest part about this challenge, before I even begin, is the fact that maybe I don’t already do enough RAK…..

In my mind, I’m the kind of person who smiles at strangers, opens doors for the elderly, let’s people in line go ahead of me. In reality, I know I’m not always that person. Sometimes I’m in a hurry. With a Rabid Toddler in the car, I’m usually in a hurry. Sometimes I just want to put my head down and GO, not smiling at anyone. Sometimes I am cheap and don’t round up at the grocery store to donate to the Charity at hand. Sometimes, I’m not even very kind.

But I want to be. I want to be for Reeve so he can see me as an example of Kindness, how to treat people. But also I want to be for me. I know that doing good deeds is good for my soul.

So, as I begin this July challenge, I challenge you to try to be kind every day. Some of these challenges involve spending money….if you don’t want to, don’t…there are more than 30 on here. Some require a little more effort than others. Some are easy. Some will take more time than others. But ALL of them are easy and should be done with your children if you can, taking the time during each one to explain why you are doing it and what it means.

It’s one thing to put a note on a Veteran’s car, it’s another to explain to your child what the Independence of our Country means and who those people who fought for it are.

Good luck….I expect updates and pictures.

Also, some people choose to attach a cute card that says something like “You are the Recipient of a Random Act of Kindness…please pass it on” or something along that lines. I like the idea if you are asking the Recipient to Pass it On or Pay It Forward, but you don’t have to.


Stick a note inside of a book you love at the library (Hello, Stranger….I hope you love this book as I do. …….”

Find a car with a bumper sticker that says “Marine/Navy/Army, etc” and write them a letter thanking them for their bravery. Do this on the Fourth of July

Hide 5 – $1 bills at the Dollar Store with a Post-It note on it

Build a Care Package in a Gallon Ziploc bag for a homeless person. Put toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, granola bars, deodorant and other sample sized toiletries in it

Send someone a Box of Sunshine (a box of yellow goodies….candles, socks, gum, peanut M&Ms, headbands…..

Take food to a Food Bank

Leave a note on the Mirror in a Family Restroom or at Babies R Us that says something like, “You are a great mommy….keep up the good work!”

Make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House (toys, sheets, toiletries, money)

Leave a note on a neighbor’s door telling them why you think they are a good neighbor (don’t sign your name)

Hand a bouquet of flowers to an elderly person getting in their car

Offer to take back someone’s shopping cart for them

Leave a $5 Starbucks card on someone’s windshield

Hand out water bottles to people walking/cycling on the trails and hollar “you are doing great/awesome/keep it up/good job”

Tip your server extra large

Compliment a stranger (compliments mean more if you really mean them)

Leave coupons that you don’t use next to the product so someone can find them and save $$$

Bake cookies/muffins for a local firehouse

Write a positive message on the sidewalk with chalk (You are Beautiful…..don’t forget to be awesome….a favorite quote)

Feed some coins into a parking meter

Buy a $10 gift card when you check out at Target or Grocery Store then hand to the person behind you

Be a good friend (that will mean something different to each of you)

Say “yes” when someone asks you to help them

Put away your phone and really LISTEN

Hand a balloon to a child who is having a tantrum at the grocery store

Take balloons or flowers to hospital/nursing home and give to a nurse, they will know who needs them the most

Hand out American flags (in the Dollar Bins at Target right now)

Go out of your way to let a helpful employee’s manager or boss know how great they are

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, our troops want their morning cup of Joe too.  You can help an entire troop get a cup of coffee for just $2 throughhttps://www.greenbeanscoffee.com/coj/.

Leave a copy of your favorite book on a park bench (I love this idea. I would leave “The Little Prince) with a message on the inside cover

Tape a bag of quarters to a gumball machine for a child

Buy a small kids’ kaleidoscope and hand it to somone who needs a little perspective (awesome idea)

Let the person in line behind you go ahead of you

Take a stash of Dollar Store Crayons and Coloring Books to Pediatric unit at hospital

Leave a sticky note message with a positive message on the mirror in a public restroom (Be Bold….You will find what you are looking for)

Pay for a soldier’s meal/coffee (ahhhh…..I love this idea for this month….and every month)

Leave a $5 gift card in your mailbox for your Postal Worker

Become an organ donor….You can sign up here http://www.organdonor.gov/index.html

Send dessert to a table of strangers

Write a handwritten Thank You note to someone who has left a mark on your life

Watch a friend’s kids while they have an hour alone (you have NO idea how much this will mean to them)

Treat a friend at work to a cupcake

Donate books to local library (or me…I’ll take any childrens’ books) 🙂

Choose a weekend and find a Volunteer Project to do with your family

Plant flowers (even Mother Earth deserves a treat)

Stop at a Lemonade Stand…feeling extra generous? Give them $5

Do a dance in the middle of a Parking Lot to make someone smile

Give a hug!!!!

Buy a bottle of wine for a friend!

Spend a lot of time at baseball games? Take frozen popsicles for the players….

There is a lot of construction going on by our home, we are going to take cold bottles of water to them

Leave packages of flower seeds on a neighbor’s porch

Hold the door open for a stranger

Clean up the trash in a local park or neighborhood

Hug a tree

Put a Lotto Ticket on someone’s windshield

Paint Rocks with your kids and put them in your neighbor’s garden when they aren’t looking (be sure to use BRIGHT primary colors)



I am loving my Monthly Challenges. I’ve failed at June’s No Target (I went 4 times) but that’s okay. For me, these challenges aren’t about failing or succeeding, but about TRYING.


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