Reeve really likes sitting on the front porch for his afternoon snack.

He backs up to the metal plate below the front door and sits on it.

When we let Hannah out with us he really enjoys it, but I don’t like having to mind her as well. She likes to pee on the grass and kill it. She also likes to try to steal his snacks…and he likes to tease her with them.



Yogurt is a fun and messy snack that’s best enjoyed outside where Dog can lick up what gets flung at my face.




Apricots are a good porch snack too.

Look at that dang dog just waiting….



Oh, I think I will put this apricot on my head to see what that’s like.



He especially likes to eat outside when all the neighbor kids are playing. He yells “pwayyyyy” and “game”  and “kids”

Smart boy.



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