Tank.Tops & Trains

We went to the zoo with Lucas last week. It seemed like a good day to wear your awesome new camoflauge tank top and a badass Superman Tattoo.

First, we fed Hannah a little bit of strawberries.


Then we wiggled our necks back and forth like the giraffes do.20130622-204437.jpg

Then we ran around the indoor amphibian exhibit freaking out over every fish and bird and frog…


Then we rode the Choo Choo and sat on the back car yelling “shooooo shooooo” the whole time…




Then we came home and climbed up and down and up and down off of your rocking chair for half an hour.



The  next night, we went to the Carnival set up in the parking lot of the local high school.

You and Daddy rode this tiny train for $6 around the loop 4 times at 2 m.p.h.

See this look on your face?

Well, it’s neither excitement nor disdain, so we assume you liked it since afterwards you said “shoooo shoooo” 934 times.20130626-121333.jpg


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