and then, forever after that

Dear Kirk,

Oh, how very different our lives are these days than from 2 years ago when I made that walk down the hill, with our Beloved Red Rocks staring at us from the clouds.

Do you remember the night before our wedding as we drove my old Honda Civic to the Rehearsal Dinner? We were so nervous we hardly spoke, and when we did, our words were anxious and joyous all at the same time.

I’ll never forget our wedding day. Wanting to look so beautiful for you. Knowing you were in the other room waiting to see me, baseball in your nervous hand, our parents and friends flitting about getting ready. I have so many emotions as I think about that morning. Even more when I think about the MEANING of our ceremony and our day.

Carefully we chose songs that were very important to us, not your “typical” wedding music. You walked in to Rolling Stones, me to the Beatles, out to the Allman Brothers. We spent months planning to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible. Hoping their visit to our City would leave them as in love with it as we were. Are.

I’ll never forget the moment we saw each other. Tears filled your eyes. My heart was racing. We embraced and laughed and all those nerves were gone. It was time to celebrate.

As Pastor Hunter spoke about Hope and as I looked up at the smiles and tears (so many tears of joy) on the faces of our people, I remember feeling that this is how every bride should feel. No, this is how every Wife should feel. Everyone was so happy for us. Never have I been to a wedding like ours, where people hooped and hollared. No pomp, our wedding was a party with good music, good food and ice cream and a Motown band that had people out of their seats before the first song was even over (remember how we worried no one would dance?)

Our vows were so special. As we spoke the words we, no doubt, spent weeks preparing for each other (mine hand-written on the back of a Contract from work with additions and scribbles ~ yours neatly on lined paper) I just forgot all those people were even there. It was me and you. I’ll be on your side if you’ll be on mine. You hand was as shaky as your voice. My heart was just content.

I think often of the journey to you. I would be a fool to not realize how you were everything I was always meant to have. I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have you as my husband. I could wax poetic forever about the characteristics that make you such an amazing husband, friends, man, father. But I don’t need to. A true Gentleman or Gentle Man doesn’t need words to define him….his actions do that for him. And anyone who knows you, knows that your actions in every aspect of life define you.

I’m more in love with you now, Kirk, than I was that day in my tiny apartment when we first spoke the words.

Our lives are so very different. They are long and we are tired, Baby Reeve has grown into a boy and we don’t get to do the “fun” things that once defined us…and that’s okay. What defines us now are those things that we were silently praying for when we met, what we were asking God to bless us with when we entered into Holy Matrimony. What defines us now is this….Family.

I’m so glad I get to walk through this life with you. Each day you still make me smile. I respect you now MORE THAN EVER. Our marriage is my Number One commitment. My vows to you today would probably read a lot like they did on that day, only now I would vow to be the best mother to your son that I could be. That I would continue to love you with all of my soul so that he may grow up to know what an honest and fair partnership is. What a marriage of love looks like.

Oh, can you imagine how we will feel someday when he finds what we have?

I’ll never forget that day, but you know as well as I do, it’s not just that ONE day that is a marriage. It’s the EVERY day. The poopy diapers and the crappy frozen dinners and the lack of sleep and the days without showers and the excitement I still feel every day when I hear your car pulling into the driveway.

I love you so much, Budge. Happy Anniversary to us….I’m so proud to be your wife, to carry your name and to have carried your son. I always just knew in my heart that I would meet you.

Let us never forget this one special day of the year, but let us always remember to celebrate our love every day.

I will love you until my dying breathe…and then, forever after that.

Mrs. MooneyhamIMG_2523 IMG_3883 IMG_4048 IMG_4990 MoonyhamWedding-403 MoonyhamWedding-407 Test


I promise I will stand by you every day, despite any troubles that come to us, and while I can’t promise you our lives will be perfect, I can promise that we will always laugh, that we will always look to each other and that I will always be your biggest fan. I promise to smile with you every day and to return your love fully and completely. I will always respect you. I promise as your wife to stand by you whether we are rich or scraping by, whether we are healthy or holding on, whether we are happy or struggling to find each other’s smile. I promise that I will always do everything in my power to exercise your soul and when life is messy, I will always make it an adventure and be there to help you remember just how truly blessed we are…and if I fail, I will try to do better.

Kirk, You have no idea how much of a gift you are to me. You changed everything when I met you, what I was hoping for in my future, who I was and what I wanted to be.

I truly cannot imagine my life without you.

Kirk, you are my best friend, my soulmate, the man I always dreamed I would grow up to marry. I have loved falling in love with you.

I promise to love you until my dying breathe…and then…forever after that.


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