Gonna.Title.Every.Post.From.Here.On.Out.Ball.1, 2, 3…..and so on



I mean, seriously, why not?

Every day, we have just a few things to look forward to.


2. Pool

3. Nap (that’s me that looks forward to that)

4. Daddy coming home from work (again….me…but also Reeve so he can have someone new to do #1 with)

From the moment he wakes up (screaming, nonetheless) to the minute he is ready for bed….BALLS!

Here he is learning the Mechanics of a Pitch in our about-to-be-landscaped-now-that-the-idiots-behind-us-have-finished-theirs-so-we-can-decide-how-to-avoid-them-in-ours yard.

So, Kirk showed Reeve how to lift his leg when he pitches….

and, thats it….he’s obsessed.

He can’t throw a ball these days without lifting his leg at the same time. Only, it’s more like he tilts to the side and his leg gets 1/4 of an inch off the ground, but still, it’s a pitch. (see picture #1 below).

The rest of the pictures of just of Daddy and Ball, Reeve & ball, ball hit, ball strike, ball swing, bat….

I didn’t like baseball before and it only figures that it’s my Karma to have to endure a thousand more years of it.

Oh well, I’m just glad he’s found something he loves and that he can enjoy with Daddy b/c he’s still obsessed with my boobs and this “self-weaning” stuff is for the birds.









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