ESPN & Gabba

Reeve loves this one stuffed animal. It’s a  Sheepdog Beanie Baby named, are you ready, Baby Hannah.

It’s the only doll or stuffie that he likes..

and it’s so cute how he loves it and hugs it and asks for “babeeee Nannnaaaa”20130608-141606.jpg


After the walk above, we came home and put Reeve in bed with us before bedtime. Sports Center was on (what….it’s baseball season and he hardly EVER watches TV)…

Reeve was OBSESSED with Sports Center.

ALL THE BALLLLLLSSSS!!!!20130608-141616.jpg



He needed to sit up to watch that play again.




Wait! Hand me my ball and glove so I can watch this better.

It’s like he is saying, “c’mon Rockies, pull it together”




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