Last week we went to a concert in the park near our house. It was a zoo!!!

We had a blast though. It was “beach” music and kids everywhere were hula hooping and dancing. Reeve even stuck his finger in a dog’s butthole and got poop all over it. Good times. Lily the Bulldog seemed to laugh at him with her smug little face.

This picture below makes me smile. I think Kirk and Reeve look alike in it. Most days, I don’t see ANY of his daddy in him, but this picture they have the same nose (and if Reeve weren’t sucking in on his lip they share that too)

PS…he ate ONE Chic-Fil-A nugget. ONE…Weirdo. Little kids are supposed to love those things, I swear mine is going to be a vegetarian.



Lounging in his chair (thanks Aunt Connie) with a ball in hand. Tattoo of Superman on his shin fading and scraped knees to prove he’s a busy little guy. Aren’t Hawaiian shirts perfect for beach music?




Oooop…found someone’s football



He just loves peaches. If I would let him, he would eat 5 a day. I think it’s because it’s shaped like a ball and b/c he can hold it in his hand




Getting tired….




WAIT!!!!!  We can go run and play and chase balls on those soccer fields? SECOND WIND!!!!





Beautiful night..

Beautiful music.

Beautiful weather and mountain scenery.

Beautiful little boy with a LOT to do!



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