I have taken great care to make sure you love the water. Baths are SO much fun with bubbles and crayons that you can color the wall with, BathKetBall and books and lots of other toys.

You love the bath.

You love to splash and blow bubbles and kick your feet and don’t even mind when we just dump water on your head.

You love to stand up and PLOP down. You just love the bath.

Scratch that…you Past Tense LOVED the bath….

until we took you to the pool for the first time this year.

Ever since then you are terrified of it. I mean legs quaking and afraid to even dip your bottom in the water. And, boy, you NEED those nightly baths. You are stinky and dirty!

We will figure this out. We always do figure out your “phase” of the week.

Here are some pictures of you at the pool for the first time this year….it’s obvious you were unsure then….we are going to go back this week and maybe seeing other kids there playing will help. The day we took you there were no other small children playing in the Kiddie Pool just yet.







After your LONG nap we went on a walk…

I mean seriously…this is the trail we walk every week. The mountains are just right there!!!




After your nap and after our walk, we played outside. You had on quite the outfit. That little Superman shirt was sooo tight, but we are trying to weed out some things you’ve outgrown so I have to put them on you one last time before I can decide if it’s too small or not.

Obviously, this one went in the Too Small Bin.

(it’s not that short, it’s bunched up, but VERY snug)



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