As you can tell, I’m quite behind on the posts here. This is a week over due.

On Memorial Day we went to Reeve’s Friend Lucas’ house for a bbq. Well, okay, they aren’t really friends…in fact, I don’t think they really care much for each other. Reeve hits Lucas a lot and they don’t share well with each other. They just sort of tolerate each other b/c his mom and I are friends. She’s pretty funny!  She’s a straight shooter and says some pretty darn hilarious things. Oh, how I wish I could share with your our inappropriate text conversation from today.

Anyway, here’s Reeve and his tie




EMPTY….I happened to just have my camera in my hand when he picked this up. I can’t leave anything lying down or he will try to put it in his mouth.



Pretty boring post. Sorry…just wanted to be able to look back in 18 years at my cute little man in a tank top ….





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