A few weeks ago we went to watch our local High School (that which Reeve will attend) play in the State High School Baseball championship.

It was hot!

Kirk got a small sampling of what it’s like to be me every Sunday when we go to his baseball game and I don’t get to watch a single minute of the game b/c I’m chasing Reeve, keeping Reeve from falling, keeping Reeve’s fingers out of the fence, throwing balls at Reeve, telling Reeve not to hit other people with his bat, watching Reeve run too fast, helping Reeve climb the bleachers. It’s all about Reeve, you know.

He stayed in his stroller for one half of one inning then wanted OUT!

I gave him a lollipop (his first) to try to get him to sit still. WHAT A MESS!!!






The guy behind Reeve played baseball for KU a long time ago and just could not believe how well our little man was swinging the bat.



Everyone always comments that he’s a Leftie.



He walked up and down that stretch of sidewalk for 2.5 hours. Swinging and squatting to pretend to catch the ball and swinging. It was so funny to see the moms and teenagers in the stands behind him laughing and watching him. He is certainly entertaining.

The newspaper media men took his pictures. Unbeknownst to us, the television crew filmed him and aired him on the Denver news that night during the game. Our neighbor girl told her parents she thought she saw him and it WAS him. I couldn’t find the clip on here anywhere.

He had a blast at the game. So did Daddy….I was hot and just trying to be a good wife by going to YET another baseball game.

I was just tired and wanted to stay on Sleep Schedule.

I shouldn’t have worried. Home 10 minutes and this is what happened next!20130531-105320.jpg


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