It seems that being around your 4 and 7-year-old cousins means you learn a LOT in a short amount of time. In our 3 days in Kansas you learned the following:

Beeeeenz = Jelly Beans (which you had way too many of at Pat Pat’s graduation party…we used them as bribes to get you to be quiet at the ceremony too)

Emmmmzzzz Emmmmmmzzzzz = M&Ms. Same there. One at a time (probably only 20 in all) but you had yellow and green (go Firebirds) all over your shirt and lip and hands

Linnnnneeeeee = Don Linny, whom you LOVE!

Dak = Jack (whom you also LOVE)

New new = noodles (Your cousin, Jackson, used to say the exact same thing)

Bye-tee = bite

Pat Pat = Patrick

How to shake your head yes

How to scoot your legs on a scooter. SO CUTE!

Ma-Wheeeee = Molly that fat Chihuahua

Pwannnnne = Airplane

You just loved being around your cousins and grandma and exploring the big backyard and park with PPJ. We were sad to leave, but a 5 hour flight delay just erased all the sadness and replaced it with annoyance.

You were a great little trooper at the airport running around High-Fiving businessmen, flirting with grandmas, playing with Chloe (stranger who entertained you for HOURS), looking at airplanes out the window.

As we were boarding FIVE hours later, you were so tired you fell asleep in my arms without rocking or bouncing you or anything. I have never seen you so tired.



^^^Big Boy ….had his own seat on the way to Kansas



^^^there only 10 minutes and he had a Cross Bow



^^^^too busy watching the baseball game on TV to eat



^^^^wonder where he gets his blue eyes rom?




^^^^dreaming about running in the backyard and climbing that big tree20130526-083352.jpg

^^^^Bath Time at Don Linny’s






^^^^at Pat Pat’s graduation



^^^^5 hour delay



^^^^just get us home


^^^^so I can ride my new scooter naked



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