Saturday we met up with some friends at Cheeseman Park where Mommy & Daddy got engaged!

It was surreal to look across the park at the pergola we decided to get married under. I remember anticipating the question for weeks, but thinking it would be on a fancy night out or in Monterey on vacation….it only makes sense, looking back, that Kirk would ask while we had a backpack picnic with wine looking at the sun setting over the Rocky Mountains.

Being at this park, with Reeve, was beautiful.

As usual, we spent a lot of time playing ball and chasing balls and panting at any dog that walked by.





^^^^^ I love that picture. What is he thinking? Why are his arms crossed????  Too cute!




^^^^^they are not coordinating on purpose. As I was getting Reeve dressed, Kirk was dressing himself…lo and behold….TWINS!!!


^^^^^Reeve wants to hold any leash of any dog he sees b/c we let him hold Hanna’s leash when we go walking. And see that BIG, black blur on the left? That’s Moses…he’s over 6 feet from head to tail and the biggest Gentle Giant….Reeve LOVES him!!!



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