This little boy has my whole heart. I wanted to celebrate my 500th post (is that even possible) with some special images.

I consider what follows pretty special.

These images are EXACTLY what I dreamt of when my brain was able to comprehend what having a little boy would mean to our lives.

These were taken after breakfast with some friends at a cool restaurant where I spent the whole time trying to get Reeve to concentrate on his food and not every single person who walked in the door. Much like Church, he was the Official Greeter!

After eating, I said to Kirk, “we should find a little ballpark and let him out and run….”

What follows is 20 minutes with a 13-month-old boy who LOVES baseball. Who can swing. Who can choke a bat with 2 hands. Who knows how to bend his legs slightly. Who can put a glove on his hand. Who can toss the ball up in the air and swing (and hit) it almost every time. Who can throw and aim. Who can sit on Daddy’s lap and watch a game that he can’t possibly understand. Who eats dirt. Who throws rocks. Who can turn ANY object into a bat.

This is what happens when you wear Red High Tops!

IMG_7184 IMG_7179 IMG_7183 IMG_7171 IMG_7172 IMG_7186 IMG_7176 IMG_7193 IMG_7206 IMG_7161 IMG_7236 IMG_7233 IMG_7266 IMG_7181 IMG_7229 IMG_7212 IMG_7159 IMG_7207 IMG_7256 IMG_7231 IMG_7218 IMG_7215 IMG_7222 IMG_7213


One thought on “500!!!!!!!

  1. This is so precious! You really captured him and all his great moves! We miss you all and hope you had a great week!!!!

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