Now that Reeve isn’t sick anymore and back to eating….it’s very obvious that he’s going through a serious growth spurt.

Here he is with his one-of-a-kind Car Tee Ball. We hung this ball over his carseat and he just whacks away at it each car ride. I love telling him “two hands” and he chokes up on the bat and swings…


His shirts are getting too small….we are trying to wear some of my favorites a time or two more before he outgrows them. It’s possible he already has….20130507-122718.jpg

Even his hair is getting bigger….

Daddy wants to cut it, but I envision a little boy with longer hair….20130507-122726.jpg

Another crop top…


Digging through the balls at Story Time while all the other kids listen and sing and dance. Not mine. Nope. He has ZERO interest in going along with the crowd. I wonder where he gets that from?20130507-122742.jpg

Reading a book with PPJ who has been in town visiting….


and the WORST part of growth spurts. Random naps. Short naps. Interrupted naps. Fussy naps. Fighting going down for naps. Falling asleep in the car then waking up the minute mama lies you in your crib naps.20130507-123629.jpg


One thought on “GROWTH.Spurt

  1. Genius to hang the ball from the ceiling of the car. You should invent something like that and patent it. Those are some of my favorite shirts too.

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