This past week, we flew to Atlanta to see some friends and go to some concerts.

It felt like “The Old Days” when we would go out and stay out until 2 am and eat taquitos when we got home and watch hippies dancing….

only we had a nanny and I cried when I left the kid and I didn’t drink and I was annoyed with the smoke.

But it was still fun….watching Kirk.

He LOVES this band. He looked at me at one point, probably a few beers in…he had a LOT, and said, “if an oak tree could talk, it would sound like JB (lead singer). I just laughed. Later, he would just throw his arms up in the air and yell “FUN!!!!!!!!”






CJ is Kirk’s Best Friend. They met through a Mentorship Program when they worked together at Deloitte in Atlanta. CJ was his mentor. They were given a monthly stipend to spend on “bonding” … they spent it on concerts.

Love that man.

CJ is a good man. His wife, Kim, is so lovely. They 3 children are so kind and funny. They opened their gorgeous home to us. 20130501-051456.jpg




I loved watching Kirk dance and sing and be so happy. The look on his face compared to when Reeve was born. I can’t explain it. Perhaps it was because it had been so long since he’s seen this band, perhaps it was the company, maybe the gorgeous weather…whatever it was, he looked so happy. Literally, like he was falling in love.



When we left, as he and CJ said goodbye to each other, they cried.

Isn’t that sweet?

Friendship … loyalty….truly, part of the reason I love Kirk is b/c he surrounds himself with good people.



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