Molars are a bitch, let me tell you.

His top molars are about 50% of the way out and the bottom ones keep popping in and out.

His nose is runny (as you will see in the pictures below, I can’t seem to ever get all the crust off), his poor little cheeks are BRIGHT red and he’s uber-cranky!

He also has an eyebrow scratch above and below….not sure how those happened, but it makes him look TOUGH!

Oh, and he also has pasta sauce smeared all over his face. The kid will eat ANYTHING from Noodles & Company. It has to be there though. The kind people were nice enough to give me a bowl of the Pasta Fresca sauce to cook with at home and he wouldn’t eat it. In these he’s eating the Spicy Penne Rosa (and he loves their spinach and mushrooms too)….

I guess I need to work on my pasta skills20130411-182757.jpg





You can almost make out a molar on that bottom side….

at least he’s smiling in this one. 20130411-182830.jpg


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