The other night Kirk put Reeve to bed for the first time in his life. I sat in the floor in our room crying.

I don’t know why. I should be glad. It should be a relief that I’m not the only one in the world who can comfort him.

Instead, it hurts and I just wanted to go in there and say “wait!!! Forget it. That’s my job!”

Perhaps because I don’t have an actual day job, and taking care of him is my “job” I take to heart that putting him to bed should be something that I am responsible for.

Aren’t these two so cute? I feel sorry for any Mama who doesn’t let her baby love on Daddy all the time (some don’t)…

Reeve’s shirt was bought by Daddy in NYC on NYE ringing in 2012…it’s a Phish shirt and Daddy is so proud of it.








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