We are really fortunate to have The Children’s Museum here in Denver. I’m not sure if every city has a place like this for children, but I certainly hope so.

Reeve loved every exhibit.

Fire truck was cool…all the buttons and lights and knobs.


he didn’t necessarily love the fireman’s uniform.20130322-151502.jpg

He liked the gadget wall.20130322-110243.jpg

and the train table….which is good since Aunt Connie is sending hers out with my dad in May.20130322-110249.jpg

20130322-151845.jpg20130322-151919.jpgOf course he loved the ball pit. He thought it was so cool every 5 minutes or so when the sound that let you know the balls were about to drop out of the ceiling sounded. He would go sit under the spot where they dropped and wait with his arms up for them…20130322-110307.jpg

The Veterinarian’s Office was a hit too. He really liked this German Shephard….20130322-110321.jpg

He kept trying to feed him the stuffed cat.20130322-110327.jpg




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