It’s MARCH (a few days in at this point) and that means it’s Reeve’s Birthday Month.

Which means I am an emotional wreck!

Seriously, I’ve cried a lot this month in anticipation of not being able to say “my baby” and that he’s walking (running) and that I’m the mom of an almost one-year-old.

So, needless to say, I cried the whole way through this article. I love her style of writing and I loved the message and the joy and the pain and the pride and every emotion I felt while reading this…and there were a lot.

Reeve is a long way from being “off,” but every day it feels like he’s just one step closer to the big, grand journey that life has in store for him.

I read this article and it’s a great reminder that pain and sadness about this should not be my constant, but pride and support and excitement to see what his future holds. My part in Reeve’s journey is to push him to be his best, to try harder, to challenge himself, to try new things, to BE him….

Please read this article and let me know what you think.

I started bawling when I read this……..

Yet, I am one of those, you know,one of those that was born with their heart pretty much on the outside.
With their heart kind of a tiny bit broken from day one.
Not sure why.
And I don’t mind it. not one little bit.
It just is.
One of those big damn hearts that feels even the smallest thing in a big damn way.

I feel like I was born with my heart broken a tiny bit too.

Please Read “He’s Off” by Jilan Glorfield. I think it’s a beautiful article and such a wonderful reminder (as if we really even need those) of how fleeting every moment is.



One thought on “He’s.Off….A MUST READ

  1. That boy of mine born just a few minutes ago, we just signed him up for a dorm room at Lewis Hall. Can’t be! I was just a student at KU. My baby, my first born, just yesterday so new, now almost a college student. It is so true that the days may seem long, but the years fly by. Too quickly, hold on, slow down. I’m not ready, but I think he is!

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