Three quick things on this Tuesday morning…

1. The flu has left our home. Damn….it was serious though! I’ve never been that sick (not even while pregnant) and I’ve never seen Kirk so sick he cries.

2. With that being said, Kirk is a big baby. I was over, I mean OVER, the flu within 18 hours of it hitting…he’s on hour 36 and still at only 81% (according to him). I spent yesterday bleaching toilets, scrubbing sinks, 4 loads of laundry, sweeping, playing my ass off, grocery shopping, cleaning the bedding….and he just laid around moaning all day.

3. I know Reeve looks like Kirk…I hear that a lot. I agree. He does….but every time I see a picture of Reeve and I together versus Kirk and him together I see more ME than Kirk. I think it’s the eyes.

(ps…good thing I have so many great pictures from the zoo last weekend to post since I’ve barely left the house in the past 5 days)

me Zoo28 Zoo29 Zoo30 Zoo31 Zoo32


2 thoughts on “3.things

    • Thanks, Sarah! It’s so funny that you like my hair color b/c I was just looking in the mirror this morning and thought to myself, “agh, I’m so bored with how I look….maybe I should go blonde again.” Hope you feel better…saw that you have a cold.

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