I was so looking forward to a weekend with my little family. I was stoked to watch the snow fall, cook in, have a glass of wine, play all day, stay in our pajamas, church on Sunday, do some small house projects.

I was so happy Kirk was back after a long week away.

The powers that be, however, weren’t as excited for me to have the fun, family weekend I was anticipating. Nope….they were, however, really kind to me in that they made sure Kirk made it home before the 24-hour flu kicked my ass.

Saturday started out great. We went to Home Depot, had lunch at a new burger joint and then I got some Mommy Time with Kelsi and we got pedicures…all of that was great.

Then, literally the minute I walked in the door from pedicures, my head started pounding. I had promised Kirk he could go to the gym for an hour if I could get a pedicure. WHile he was gone, it hit me with such force it took me to my knees.

At one point, I had to lock Reeve in the bathroom with me. When Kirk got home I was lying on the cold tile floor and Reeve was screaming to be picked up.

THe next 12 hours were a blur. Lots of vomit. Lots of aches and stomach spasms. Lots of restlessness.

I am better now. A little sore, maybe, but better.

And THANK GOD Kirk made it home or I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Here’s my boys….

(as soon as I finished typing the above sentence, Kirk came running upstairs to pass off Reeve…he’s sick now) 😦

Zoo18 Zoo19 Zoo20 Zoo22 Zoo23 Zoo24


2 thoughts on “He’s.Home(sick)

  1. ugh…sounds like the norovirus! have heard it’s one of the worst years for it. (flu is respiratory.) of course, sick is sick and when you’re feeling like crap, doesn’t really matter what it is! glad you guys are on the mend, though.

    love the photos!

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