he’s so proud of himself when he remembers PeekABoo.

My God I love this child….


When he doesn’t have a blanket handy, he plays PeekABoo by putting his hands on his head and jerking forward. He can’t quite find his eyes yet and certainly doesn’t know how to cover them….he can’t say “PeekABoo” and just grunts….

If there’s ever a day that I need a smile, I’m just going to remember our day at the zoo and how my Little Man cared less about the lions and more about making me smile.

It’s days like that I’m so glad I have my camera on hand with me.

Have a great weekend…it’s supposed to be snowy and dreary all weekend and I can’t wait. Kirk’s been gone all week and I’m looking forward to staying in, covering up, wearing pajamas and venturing out only to go grocery shopping. We are going to read lots of book, crawl up the stairs, chase Hannah and recite body parts over and over again.


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