Two VERY apparent signs that my little boy is becoming a big boy.

1. Sippy cup

It’s filled with just water and he can’t quite figure out how to make it work without tipping his head back so far it knocks him over (even when it’s a sippy with a straw)….


2. Boy toys

Yes, my 10-month-old is a typical boy and won’t let go of his Light Saber, even in his sleep

20130131-110527.jpgI take extra caution and care these days to soak in small moments. Time is flying before my eyes. My dear friend Erin just gave birth to a tiny baby boy and my heart has to search and sift through all the memories to try to bring forth Reeve as a newborn. The smell of him. The fuzz on his shoulders. His ears so large in comparison to his body. Soft, wispy, dark hairs. The sounds of him moaning. His hands opening and closing. His little mouth, like a bird, in search for food.

I can’t believe he’s nearing 1.

Bittersweet moments and memories. I just love him so much. He is my WHOLE world….



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