Love this Pep Talk from Kid President.

I found myself in need of a Pep Talk tonight and stumbled upon the below video at just the right time. It’s Saturday, so maybe you are having a (half) glass of wine like we are and are just feeling a little *booey* like we are…maybe your dog pooped in the house today….maybe your day was really long….maybe you are angry with yourself for something dumb you did….maybe your baby is sick….maybe you just need a smile.

Well, I hope this video helps you and that you pass it along to someone you know who might be in need of a smile.

Happy Saturday, my Friends.

This is LIFE people….You got air coming through your nose…you got a heart beatin

PS….Kelsi, you and Matt HAVE to watch all of his videos so we can quote  him accordingly. I fully expect you to be able to do the “Pencil Sharpener” on Monday morning.


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