There are lots of things that have made this week hard. Kirk being gone 5 days is just 1 too many. I could probably handle 4 a lot better than 5.

Five is just HARD!

Five means NO laundry getting done, dishes aren’t unloaded so dirty dishes pile up in the sink, dog may or may not have gotten food, bathtub is GROSS, floors are GROSS, have I washed my hair this week?, bed has not been made ONCE and am ordering new bedding to combat how gross the bed looks, carpet has Goldfish crumbs mashed in it…

I could go on.

It’s been a hard week. Reeve has woken up at 5:12 every morning, like clockwork. Whether I put him down at 6pm or 9pm…doesn’t matter. He’s just ready to play.

There has been one thing (okay, a few others….there was the Starbucks treat from Kelsi and the Whole Food salad bar that I don’t consider eating OUT b/c it was in a grocery store and I was about to black out from lack of healthy foods….oh yeah, add GROCERIES ARE LOW to the above list).

That saving grace is the cuddles!!!

LOTS OF SNUGGLING going on around here.

He usually will crawl up into my lap to yank my top down and grab my boob, but I allow him to watch 30 minutes of television a day (MOST days I use that 30 minutes to shower, somedays I don’t shower…whatever….) and he will snuggle all the way through Sesame Street.

He likes to reach back and put his hand on my face, almost as if he’s making sure I’m still there…



20130125-130120.jpgThank God for those snuggles this week or Kirk would’ve gotten an earful everytime I talk to him….

I did warn him that he is no longer allowed to leave for 5 days at a time.

We’ll see who wins that battle….ME or the Corporate Machine that pays our bills.




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