My favorite local Mommy Spa Belly Up Spa had a special yesterday on their Facebook page for 3D Ultrasound Packages ….and it got me thinking back to when we did our 3D sonogram (about a year ago).

Did you have a 3D sonogram?

I have a friend who is pregnant and due any day now and doesn’t want one. I am not sure why, but she just doesn’t. And that’s okay…but I HAD to have one. As my pregnancy neared it’s end (30 weeks & 4 days), I needed to count the toes and fingers myself, see the cheeks, look for hair, maybe get a wave or two.

It was the most special day.

I remember being so nervous and excited at the same time.

We went to this wonderful place and had a private room where we were able to watch the sonogram on a large screen on the wall in front of us. I recorded the experience so that I could remember it…awwww, I’m really glad I did.

I remember Kirk not knowing what to expect at all, but seeing the excitement on his face when he first saw Reeve. I remember holding his hand and both of us tearing up quite often, nervous giggling…


Man, that seems so long ago….one year ago exactly!

Here is our video. My favorite moments are below…the very first thing you will see in this video is proof that Reeve is male.

at :35 seconds, when I saw his face for the first time, I ugly cried. You can hear my voice breaking and my heart melting all in that one single second.

1:18 when we were able to, LITERALLY, put a name to the face.

1:39 that “awwww, oh my Gosh, look….”  I remember how that felt. I remember knowing that this was MY SON. Having carried him in my body for over 7 months was one things, but in that moment, he was MINE and NOTHING, nothing would ever be more important.

2:40 eye blinking. I laugh watching this b/c, in typical Kirk fashion, he asks, “do they do that a lot?” … um, of course they do….it’s just a reminder that every single day, every thing Reeve learns is new to Kirk. He has NO idea what’s normal and what’s expected and what’s common.

3:00 “can you count fingers & toes?” After he confirmed, I said, “good, he’s gonna need them to shoot a basketball”

4:05 Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh….when you are pregnant for the first time, you are so nervous and scared and every time you go in for a doctor’s visit you just feel this tremendous relief when you hear that heartbeat. I never got tired of that sound.

5:36 “he’s shy”…..hardly. That baby that was in my belly would quickly become a WILD, outgoing, independent little guy. He wasn’t being “shy” he was being the STUBBORN little thing that he is today.

6:42 SMILING. What’s better than your baby’s first smile? I wondered what he was thinking/dreaming about? I told myself on that day, he was just as excited to meet us as we were him.

As Reeve nears the 1-year mark (YIKES) it’s so fun to look back in time and see what our lives were like a year ago. That 3D sonogram was so special.

So, tell me, did you have a 3D sonogram?

Did you cry? Did your baby show it’s face or was he/she shy?

Was your baby a thousand times cuter when they got here than they were on the monitor like Reeve was?


3 thoughts on “3d

  1. i just teared up when he moved his arms. incredible! i’m normally not a fan of ultrasound pics, but this…this was so neat…and special! thank you for sharing.

  2. We didn’t do the 3D sonogram. Adam wanted what our girls looked like to be a surprise, but I really wanted one. They weren’t really common when we had Maddyx, but with Jacklyn a lot of people were doing them. In the end, he won out lol. What a great idea to capture the moment on video! And – it doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second, or last pregnancy, you get nervous every time they get ready to find the heartbeat. My heart would stop a little each appointment until I could hear my girls’ hearts beat loud and strong!! Just a warning for you 🙂

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