Kirk left town last Sunday and was due to come home on Friday, but while away, his Grandfather passed and he flew straight to Florida.

Here is Reeve when he met his Great-Grandad over Thanksgiving. I am so glad we made the trek to Florida so he could meet him.


I guess you can see where Reeve’s ears come from.

It was a sad weekend, but I was so happy Reeve was able to bring smiles to so many faces. Babies just make people happy and the family really was happy to meet him.IMG_2341

It was an especially hard week without Kir…I have decided 5 days alone (and I mean completely alone with the exception of Kelsi) is really hard. Especially with my back jacked up. I tried not to complain b/c I knew Kirk was sad and nothing could be done about it, but 7 days was TOOOOO long. Kelsi said it best when Reeve just wasn’t happy with me, she picked him up and said, “I think you two are just bored with each other.”

He’s so used to Daddy Time each night at 5:30 when Kirk walks in the door and they disappear to do their “boy thing” and I think not having that this week really threw him off.

So, it’s a week late, but here is a quick look at our LAST Sunday. We drove downtown to Church and Reeve wore his sweater with a tie on it from Aunt Connie. As usual, all the ladies wanted to get a look at him.20130106-151349.jpg

He thinks the Church Band is goofy too….the singer dances like he has to pee.20130106-151358.jpg


The lights in the ceiling were really cool though.20130106-151423.jpg

So is the Hobbit door upstairs.

So are his cool studded jeans.20130106-151433.jpg


We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the basement…without any pants.

I like to put his Goldfish in this Lego lid so he has to work to get them. It just mostly makes him mad.20130106-151447.jpg

Aside from trying to give Hannah a bite of everything he eats, he also likes to try to feed Kirk and I lately.20130106-151452.jpg

Then, we took 2 laps around the hood to wear him out…he tried to pull his hat off the whole time.

Signing out…

here’s my Smarty Pants boy.


and here’s his latest trick…

Isn’t he the smartest kid you’ve ever seen? Damn…and so cool! I just adore that child. Wild and ornery and curious and downright MESSY, but he’s the best thing….aside from my socks!


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