Reading isn’t something Reeve has always loved, though it’s been something I’ve always wished for him to love.
I felt great worry that he would always hate books, as the first 8.25 months of his life he would fuss, fight, kick or scream every time I tried to read to him.
Nevertheless, I patiently have taken him to Story Time at our local library for his WHOLE life….even at a month old, he would sit on my lap while Ms Nancy/Laura/whoever would read books to him.
He was the kid who jumped and squealed and wiggled.

This month, this week in fact, we’ve figured it out.

If I sit him on the floor and read down to him (like the ladies at Story Time) he will listen for upwards of 10 minutes. I’ve spent 100s of dollars on books with flaps, buttons, fur, shiny stuff, turf, you name it so that he will at least show interest in touching the books.

and, by golly, IT WORKED!!!











Lastly, I love this story on a librarian from Troy, Michigan who asked famous authors, politicians, etc on why libraries are important.

Follow this link on Why Libraries Matter: I believe libraries are THE most important place Reeve and I frequent.


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